Insulation Audits

Poorly insulated ceilings account for around 30% of total heat gain in summer and 30% heat loss in winter. Another 10-20 % is lost through the walls, if Sub floor space is available then under floor insulation can also reduce losses by 10-15%.
Insulation will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter and this means lower energy bills and less greenhouse gas pollution from the heating and cooling requirements in your home.

The Free Insulation initiative formerly provided by the government was a great idea that went horribly wrong through the unscrupulous activities of some individuals. What could have been a great opportunity for less fortunate people who could not otherwise afford insulation, others had sadly lost their lives and put many many others at risk with poor understanding of the hazardous situations and environments that were to follow.

So even if you already have insulation, it is advisable to check the condition it is in. In some situations can be worth topping up or replacing the insulation if it has been there for many years the material does settle and will lose its effectiveness over time.

Call us to provide you with an audit and quote for your insulation. Even though any federal government support has been withdrawn, this is still one of the most cost effective ways to reduce your energy bills and should not be overlooked.