Solar hot water

Smarter Green Pty.Ltd. has registered plumbers that will determine the optimum size and location of your solar hot water system to give you the best outcome and returns possible.

Hot water systems can be one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters. By using solar hot water systems you can lower your energy costs whilst reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

Solar hot water systems use the suns energy to heat your water during daylight hours coupled with efficient storage reducing the requirement of using other fuels Electricity and Gas etc., and thereby reducing your energy bill.

Solar heating comprises of a thermal collector/s, a storage tank and flow and return pipes. Often you will need either an additional gas or electric booster to assist reach the desired temperature, due to the small difference in temperature gain required very little gas or electric energy is required. These systems can vary in efficiency and though they are often capable of capturing the solar energy right throughout the year.